Wow! Haven't wrote on the blog since October! I can only apologise! Hopefully the Podcast & the Re-Launch of the Youtube channel is a good enough excuse for the last couple of months. But I can promise you that in the new year weekly blogs will be going up right here, whether they be intros to youtube videos, or explaining whats going on in the world of gardening. The past couple of months has been concentrated on the podcast and youtube, and next in line to get up to scratch is these here blog!

So now its back I'm so excited to bring you this little video fro the other day! We had actual snow! SNOW!!! I haven't seen this much snow since I was twelve! We had got a brand new go kart style sledge, which was so awesome! Unfortunately that only got used once, on some very sludgy snow.. 8 years later it got sold having spent all those 8 years in my Nans loft. fast forward to 2017 and I wish Nan had kept it, not that I could get over to Nans as the roads were chaos!

I said to Olive lets go make a snowman, initial answer was "no its too cold" but once I had sat down for half hour and explained how long Daddy had been waiting for this day, much of which was ignored while 'Trolls Holiday' was on the TV, we headed out in to the snow. The above video is the outcome of our 1 hour outside! THE BEST hour of my 2017! of my decade!! minus the birth of Olive, and getting married obviously! ;) 

If there is anymore snow over the next couple of weeks, don't be scared of the cold, the dirty clothes, the frozen fingers, the no doubt flu to follow, as you never know! Olives 2.5 yrs old now, she could be 25 the next time she build a snowman!

BEST. DAY. EVER! Merry Christmas!

Lee Connelly