Build Your Own Mini Pond

You will need; a spade, a washing up bowl, some bricks, roofing tile, plants.  

Back in 2015 Skinny Jean Gardener headed to the Blue Peter Garden at Media City to add a bit of awesome. It started with this fantastic and simple make that I replicated back at SJG HQ. The one at Blue Peter was so good, someone stole it!

Now the one at SJG HQ has been going strong for a couple of years, it's home to a little family of frogs, that possibly wouldn't be hanging out in the garden without it. 


All you have to do is find an area of your garden that you would like to dedicate to wildlife.  

Grab you washing up bowl and dig this into the ground and place some bricks into the bottom. The bricks hold the bowl in place, but also make it easy for the frogs to get in and out of the water. Plus they don't want to constantly be swimming. 

With the roofing tile place this over 3/4 of the bowl, as this will provide some protection and shade for our hoppy friends, and then fill the bowl with water. 

for planting you could look into pod friendly plants, but personally if surrounded by mini pond with lavender plants, which started off as the smallest plug plants, and have surrounded the mini pond well, creating more protection for wildlife, as well as attracting those all important bees!  

As a side note, I'd suggest if you've got real little ones like my 2 year old daughter, that you fence this little area off, as we wouldn't want them drinking the water.  


If you need any help over the weekend drop me a tweet or message me on facebook! Plus I'd love to see so pictures.

They'll be a different gardening challenge for the family each week!

Lee Connelly