Hampton Court Flower Show

Ironically Olive really enjoyed Hampton Court Flower Show, despite what this picture says! 

Ironically Olive really enjoyed Hampton Court Flower Show, despite what this picture says! 

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The other week I headed to Hampton Court Flower Show, and for the first time ever in SJG history I brought the family along too.  

It was both Samantha and Olives first garden show, after years of resisting 'going to daddy's work', I brought them along,  microphone in hand (needless to say I didn't get much recording done hence this blog post) ready to see what Hampton Court had to offer. 

As we headed in it was to be a busy last day of the show, we headed for the scarecrow competition and enjoyed looking at different schools contributions to show, and it was fantastic that the RHS had done this for them to be part of it! Olive particularly liked the Gruffalo entry, and loved running around the scarecrows, right next door too for this kids was a Punch and Judy show, we didn't stay long as it turns out Olives quite scared of them, but fantastic the Hampton had this on for the kids too. 

We moved on to explore the gardens which were between stalls with all that glittered and sparkled. I really enjoyed checking out the gardens, one in particular that was for autistic children that you could go into, and had all sorts, including that trampoline that Monty jumped up and down on, that everyone wet themselves about, as though never on BBC 2 had a 60+ year old jumped before! Just as some gardens inspired, some I didn't quite understand, including one that I thought had been cornered off for health and safety reason because it had flooded! Apparently this was not the case.. it probably got some kind of medal. For once the gardens were not the main concentration of this show, it was the family day out that mattered the most.

Later kids (and as it turns out some quite over enthusiastic adults) favourite Justin Fletcher hit the Celebrity Theatre. Not an ounce of gardening knowledge was mentioned, an absolute disgrace and embarresme.. ofcourse I'm joking, who cared, it was Justin!!! And the kids went crazy for him! First time I've seen him live, seems like a throughly nice chap AND Olive got to hi five hi, not sure who was more excited, olive or me!

There was a lovely mix of food and gardening at Hampton Court that Reminded me of Bloom in Dublin, really connecting the dots, with a food stage a welcome surprise and providing everything a family need for a fun day out at a gardening show.  

For a first time family visit to a show for Sam, Olive and I, the mark of success has to be Sam saying that we should come to these shows more!  

Big up RHS for providing a top day of gardening fun! 

Lee Connelly