The Country - Files


The other week me and the family headed up to CountryFile LIVE near Oxford for a day out at a show that was only in its second year, what I found was a show that was so well set out and packed with activities that it could have been around for 20 years!

The day was to be a wet one, I foolishly had dressed up as if I was on a day out in Barbados, but we'll leave my clothing choice to one side for now. Even though there was thunder and lighting throughout the day, this didn't dampen our fun.

We got in early, and with Olive having a mid morning nap (or which me and Sam call 'a break'), we popped to get a drink and have a scout of the show. Now if I'm honest I don't watch a lot of Countryfile, Matt Baker I know from my childhood, but that's about it, but with my love of nature and the great outdoors I was eager to see what it was all about.

There was a whole host of food stalls selling everything from pizza to noodles and so many stages I actually lost count. Stages of food, farming and a particular favourite chainsawing! There were horses on parade, sheep dogs herding ducks and cows out for 'auction', it was a hive of activity!

As Olive awoke we headed straight for the farm area where she got to stroke the cows, visit the pigs in the sheep pen and hold some little chicks. We met 'fireman Sam', made wildflower seed bombs, jumped on bouncy castles and played on tractors too!


We checked out the wildlife gardens and painted eggs, and there was an arts and crafts area too. It was great to have so much to keep Olive pleased so that myself and Sam could enjoy the rest of the show too.

When we're paying out to visit these events we want to feel we're getting our monies worth, and this show certainly gives you that! One day just isn't enough to do everything, and with camping just around the corner, next year I'm coming for the weekend!

It may have rained most of the day, I may have looked an idiot dressed for a Spanish isle, but as family day outs go, this is a must!

Lee Connelly