I QUIT!!!!

So it’s a big day today, something I’ve been working up to for quite a while, and am lucky enough only now to do it.

Quietly in the darkness (not literally speaking as that would be stupid, but just on the ol’ social) for 10 years I’ve been working as an electrician, the last half of that being a Skinny Jean Gardener! From one day being on Channel 4, to next day connecting some sockets, then heading to Media City for BBC Blue Peter, and then getting back to do an electric test (as I write this, it sounds like a subtle advertisement for what I can do as an electrician.. it’s not!)


Then back in Jan ‘16 I went part time which allowed more opportunities and projects to kick off, like the Skinny Jean Gardeners Shop (now no longer trading.. I didn’t say they were all Successful projects did I?!) and hit up more garden festival stages and working for bigger brands!


In 2017 (if your still reading this thanks.. even I would usually just hit like and scroll on) I went solo, Dale left the SJG life to continue his career, and for a time I wasn’t sure if I could do it alone, but luckily I’ve made such good friends with people in the gardening industry and they have really been so kind to me and 2017 has seen Skinny Jean Gardener go from strength to strength, talking at more shows, creating more awesome content & creating and proudly getting sponsored by STIHL for the Skinny Jean Gardener podcast (Every Friday 6am).. ok less of the adverts I get it! It was a good year, and even though I missed Dale, our brother relationship got better and we’re now at a stage, I think, where we can work on projects again together.


So that brings us to now 2018.. I’ve got the brand new Skinny Jean Gardener LIVE show coming out on Friday 26th January FacebookLIVE 8pm ;), a 40 date tour, a festival and the podcast, + I’ve got so many more plans (oh cliff hanger, what are those plans Lee? ..can’t tell you yet!... please tell us!?! ...FINE I’ve got nothing yet :).. I’ll have think.. dangerous). It’s going to be a busy year!


I’ve done and organised a lot over the last 5 years of SJG, ducking and diving between my electrical job, and I’ve being lucky enough to have such understanding bosses that have helped me get to this point. Formally Justin Dearing of whom probably thinks I’m still on holiday considering the amount I used to take, and now to Mark Richardson & Kirsty Horton who’s diary is so full of ‘Lee’s swap days’ I think I may have my very own diary at theirs just so they could keep up.


I’m very lucky to have a very supportive wife and daughter (let’s be honest Olive hasn’t really got a choice), but within my work life these 3 have been so supportive that I’m very thankful, so thank you and I’ll never forget how much that has pushed me forward.


Right anyway enough of that soppy stuff.. I’d be very surprised if many of you have made it this far into this post, sorry it was so long, had a lot of time on me hands waiting for a van to be sited so I could connect and test it!..


anyway so long suckers!!!..


...1 month later .. takes down post as he returns to being an electrician :)

Lee Connelly