Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2018, a year where we’ll all get fit, spend more time in the garden and be happy. But first let’s get over New Year’s Eve, eat that last chocolate from Christmas (because it would be a waste to leave it, I’ll start the diet once it’s all gone) and stay in side and watch Only Fools on horses on Gold just to stretch the Christmas joy that little bit further.. now where’s the remote?!? WHERE IS IT!!!!


And calm.. I hope your enjoying these little blogs. They might even be some gardening involved in the future. For now we’ll empty my brain on to a computer, and yes my brain is full of spelling and punctuation mistakes, so to keep it ‘real’ I’ve decided not to correct them.


2018 is full of goals here at HQ, and this year I’m here to complete them. The festival in August I am very excited about. Creating a top line up of basically mates of the gardening world on stage is an absolute treat. It’s going to be an incredible day, and even before that’s begun I’m already in talks about growing it in 2019! So watch out for that.


The YouTube channel is slowly growing. I think I’ve said before, but I’m lucky enough to get to work with some awesome brands (hi guys!) in their YouTube channel, yet have neglected my own. So this year I’m going to bring something new to the gardening world of YouTube, something abit fun! So if you fancy watching that give it a subscribe!


The podcast! Well what can I say. Since starting this last March it’s gone from strength to strength. Having STIHL sponsor it last September gave me more time to invest in it. Through it I’ve met amazing people, I’m happy it’s kept it’s fun side and doesn’t take its self too seriously but I’m keen to grow the audience and bring back a few features and add some too. Over the next few weeks we’ve got some great interviews but I’m thinking of bringing them out on a separate day and talking about what you can do in the garden on Fridays. It’s just an idea, so if you’re a listener, or not, let me know you thoughts.


The tour. This will be my second year touring solo since the other one left the fold. Last year was fantastic, some really inspiring festivals. This years dates have doubled and they should be released soon, if your that desperate to see me. The tour gives me a chance to travel the country and find out about what you want, I’m also in talks in bringing something abit different to one of the shows, when I know, you’ll know.


Talking of things abit different. 2018 I’m pushing a brand new gardening show on your screens and on the radio. For me Gardening should never stop in September (please ignore blog where I talk about closing my garden for winter), and should be an all year round thing. Sometimes this is hard to get across, but it is true that consumers get more into gardening in March.

The brand new Skinny Jean Gardener Show is going to be LIVE on Facebook at 8PM with some special guests! I’m really looking forward to putting my own spin on the world of gardening tv, and seeing what you all think. So put in your diaries 26.01.18 to watch the first broadcast!

The radio thing is getting closer but again like all these things work hard enough and they will come/ annoy enough people.


It’s got to be said that if you guys who read and watch and listen to me wasn’t  supporting me, then I probably wouldn’t be doing this (hence the reason I wrote this but here.. no one reads this far into a blog right?) so thank you for being part of it.


I’ve got my goals for 2018 in Concrete (the wife’s fuming about it) but what are your goals? Without sounding all philosophical, if you can dream it, you can do it (except fly, Ive tried, it’s not happening!). If you’ve got an idea, go for it, start small and grow it big! And whether it be gardening or not, I’m always happy to help where I can.


I once heard someone say ‘if you make your bed in the morning you’ve already achieved something’. Now I’ve wrote that I’ve got no idea how it makes any sense to what we were talking about, but take from that what you will.


Have an amazing 2018, let’s make it a special one.. NOW WHERES THAT REMOTE!!!!

Lee Connelly