[Welcome to the Skinny Jean Gardener Blog. I don’t usually blog and for very good reason. But if you would like a blogger that misspells, doesn’t use punuation and writes in quite a strong Essex accent then I am you man. That is a rather niche blogging style! And heres the only place you’ll find it! Enjoy!..]

Before we continue YES I do realise the irony in this blog :)

So once again its been a while since we spoke on the blog. In fact Ive spent the past month or so telling people I DO NOT BLOG! Its not what I’m about. I’m a Vlogger and Podcast Hero (No one has ever called me that but we’ll stick with it!). Anyway I thought id write a few, y’know just to give you abit of a behind the scenes chat, plus I can write this while I’m on the train, or sitting in an advice hub waiting to advise (but ill talk about that another time). 


The main reason I don’t blog, well for other companies anyway, is because of the way I write. I write just as I would speak, which is probably why I enjoy audio so much. The only people I currently blog for at the moment is my podcast sponsor STIHL and even they edit out the Essex of my blogs, so the only place I can blog freely is here on my own site, but you never know there may be interest in a blogger with bad spelling, awful punctuation and the need for everyone to read it in an Essex accent! 


On the bad spelling part I actually go a A* in GCSE ill have you know! My goodness I hope Mrs Myers doesn’t read these, she’d drag me back in to the classroom. To be fair I did get that A* by writing about the specialised subject of David Brent, which had some quite choice words added to it. I must find that!


Anyway where was I! Oh yeh blogging, so I don’t really do it that much. There also another reason too! There is already some great Bloggers out there. Its covered. If you want a garden blogger it won’t take long to find one. Ive got some favourites that I really enjoy reading. Heres a top 5..


  1. Life at No 27 - https://lifeatno27.com
  2. Jack Wallington - http://www.jackwallington.com
  3. Sara Venn - http://thephysicblog.blogspot.co.uk
  4. Joe Harrison - http://growwithjoe.simplesite.com
  5. Andrew O’Brien - http://www.gardensweedsandwords.com


They’re all great blogs that grab my interest and I enjoy reading! Its not to say they are the only ones and you MUST read these, but its what I personally enjoy, and with so many different blogs out there, theres and style and subject that will please everyone. Its just getting out there and finding them!


Theres one other reason I don’t do too much writing for blogs, magazine, or newspapers. Its been covered a lot but let me explain my view, although this could really put the nail in the coffin for my (non excitant) blogging career but its something I feel quite passionately about so lets get into it. 


Actually before we do I should say that I know that there are plenty of bloggers out there that write because they enjoy it.. nothing else, because they get up in the morning have some thoughts and decide to write them down to express them. Im looking at this from the view of someone who does this for a living. Although I must say that if your thinking of writing a blog then you definitely should! Just jump right in, get writing and let it all out (bit like this). Being creative is what its all about and I love to see new and exciting ideas that people have been thinking about. 


My great business advisor Jay-Z once told me.. “I’m not a businessman, Im a business, man!”, and with those words ringing through my head this year I made Skinny Jean Gardener my business, which is probably why this has started to mean so much more to me. The reason I don’t generally write blogs is because there is no money in it, plain and simple. Its because I want my work to mean something to the people that are using it, and not just be another bit of text thrown up on to a website. 


Sure there are the few that make the dollar, and good on them, but generally no. Companies don’t pay for blogs and for a few reasons. 

Firstly they don’t need to. There are so many bloggers out there already that want there own blogs to be seen that they’ll do it for free. Even if they do get ‘paid’ then it generally is through a few seed packets or some product that costs the company little. The whole ‘this will be great social media exposure for you’ thing doesn’t wash with me. 


From being a past electrician its like being paid it 50W bulbs! Or saying can you fix my sockets and get a post on twitter! If people want to do it for this thats fine but its does ruin it for the pros who work hard and put a lot effort into what they produce. The point of any content used is to drive traffic to a website, used to tap into new audiences which can then be turned into a sale, so any hard work should be rewarded, and some sort of value (not a few seeds) put on that work that has been done. 


The only way any of this will change is if as content creators we come together and work together. At the moment a lot of people see each other as ‘competition’ when it shouldn’t be like that. If you see someone else as competition then your doing it wrong. Either team up with each other and help grow each others brands or find something else to write about and set yourself apart from everyone else. Only then can gardening content be taking more seriously and a value put on our work. 


Wow that turned into quite the rant! Good to get it out of the system, but it would also be good to know how you feel? A lot of this above doesn’t really just go for blogs, what I talk about at the end also stands for youtubers, podcasters and all creators alike. Lets grow each others brands


Lee x

Lee Connelly