[Welcome to the Skinny Jean Gardener Blog. I don’t usually blog and for very good reason. But if you would like a blogger that misspells, doesn’t use punuation and writes in quite a strong Essex accent then I am you man. That is a rather niche blogging style! And heres the only place you’ll find it! Enjoy!..]


So the season is really kicking in now, and as always when over winter you think your whole career is hanging by a thread and that no one wants you anymore, boom! The dafs start popping up and all of a sudden everyones interested in you and gardening again. Its been the same since I ever started this whole media game, but the question of ‘Lee what do you actually do?’ Is something asked by both parents and peers, and so I thought id write it down. 


When your filling out your car insurance weirdly there isnt an option for 'International Gardening Superstar’, which is weird on a few levels, the main reason is because its not entirely true, so gardener will just have to do for now on that form. 


So to begin with ive got the podcast, over anything this is my most successful outlet ive ever created, talking to everyone from friends to celebrity gardeners its a relaxed place to talk about growing plants and is proudly supported by the people of STIHL, a concept which is soon to be turned into a radio show. Its recently just celebrated its first birthday and has made so many gardening friendships, and created my love of audio. 


Next ive got the stage shows. When I first started this, it was the most scary thing ive ever done, now I can’t wait to get up there! I think this stands for all my projects but the more confident ive become with my brand and what I promote, the confident ive become with my content and talking to people about it. You’ll not get latin or expensive ideas from me, as thats not what im about and im proud of that. 


Then ive got my newest project, and thats the Facebook Live programme. Its putting a different spin on gardening tv. Theres one reason people get so excited about Gardeners World.. and thats because its the only gardening tv programme that isn’t a makeover show that we’ve got! With the aptly named Skinny Jean Gardener Show its bring some fun and games to proceedings. Something different. Im just waiting for the BBC to commission it as a Gardeners World XTRA.. They must have lost my phone number or something. 


Then theres the Youtube. Well this is something im still working on. Throughout the year a lot of my work is creating videos for gardening companies, my own youtube is a testing ground for a lot of it, and its not quite found its niche. Its creating something different, new, thats not already out there, because really who wants to produce content that someone else is already doing. 


Its abit like the podcast. When I started there was already the Sodshow, my gateway in to the gardening podcast world. Peter talks to the top garden designers in the world mainly.. and me, so the last thing I wanted to do was bring out something identical to that. Someone that taught me that its ok to be different and produce content that pushes the boundaries is broadcaster Iain Lee who will be on the podcast in a few weeks time. Watching and listening to what he does has made me push my ideas and be confident about what I am doing, not being too worried to leave the flock. Its easy to fall into the gardening rut and produce content thats just the same as whats already out there. 


With these what is the message? Who am I aiming towards? Well everyone will hopefully know me mainly form Blue Peter and from encouraging families to get out into the garden and enjoy the space they’ve got. And thats something ive kept true from the beginning. Im here to get families gardening, spending time with each other and teaching kids where their food comes from. 


So after all that.. ‘Lee what do you actually do?’. Well after some time of looking for something ‘cool’ to call myself ive ended on ‘Gardening Content Creator’. Simple put, I create (incredible..sure) content in the gardening industry. Maybe ill call it ‘Incredible gardening content creator’!!! That would look better on the business card. 


My aim is to bring something new and put a different twist on gardening. Theres nothing wrong about SOME of the content (thats a whole other blog) thats already out there, I’m just here to talk about it in a whole different way through and as my brother always likes to say ‘look at it through a whole new lens!'


So yeh.. Lee Connelly.. Gardening Content Creator.. now ive just got to convince my mum and dad!


Lee Connelly