[Welcome to the Skinny Jean Gardener Blog. I don’t usually blog and for very good reason. But if you would like a blogger that misspells, doesn’t use punuation and writes in quite a strong Essex accent then I am you man. That is a rather niche blogging style! And heres the only place you’ll find it! Enjoy!..]

Its National Gardening Week! Thats right a whole week dedicated to the great activity of gardening! Theres so much going on this week and so many event to go and visit that are highlighting the love and awesomeness of gardening!!!


I won’t go through all of the events on here, basically copying and pasting whats already been said, but if you’d like to find out whats going on in your area then check out.. to see what you could get involved in. 


So Lee if your not going to repeat all that what have you got us to your blog for?.. Well, even though theres loads of events that you cold go visit and get inspired Im listing MY top 5 gardening ideas that you can create in your own garden with very little cost, Ive even put the approx cost of each make to show that if you want to get involved in National Gardening week this year it really doesn’t have to cost alot!


  1. The Bean Pole Tipi, is something that I recently mentioned on last weeks podcast and is such a simple idea, creating an awesome den for the summer time all for under £10. You’ll just need some runner bean plants and some bamboo canes. Choose your area in the garden, in a circle stick the canes into the grass, and then plant your runner beans next to each one. Give it time, don’t run over it with the lawnmower and boom your tipi will be ready for the summer! Plus you’ll get beans.. RESULT!
  2. Hedgehog House. Another SJG favourite attracting wildlife into the garden, check out this video of a slightly younger, thiner Lee.. Your looking at about £3!!!
  3. Sunflower Family competition. Go grab some sunflower seeds and everyone in the family has to sow their seed and care for it. The winner is the one with the highest sunflower. Look at it as a spring version of conkers, that will be sure to take the school playground by storm, and then get banned. Yeh that will be it! £2 is all it will take!
  4. Bird feeder. Feed the birds with really simply up cycled water bottles, string and bird seed! With the bird seed £3
  5. My first allotment. This is advance level! But creating your own mini allotment to grow food for the family couldn’t be easier. Start small and grow throughout the years. This make can go from £10 - £100 its up to you!


All the above plus over 40+ more Blue Peter style (sure) makes can all be seen during a Skinny Jean Gardener Stage show coming to a garden or food show coming to you very soon! Infant the next one is RHS Malvern in a few weeks time! Very excited for this as its the first RHS show ive ‘walked the boards’ (dunno what that means it just sounded right) at, so will be alot of fun! If your coming along give me a shout, it would be great to say hi!


Plus if you manage to get out and amongst it this National Gardening week then drop me a message and let me know how you got on! The main thing is to get some time outside, whether that be visiting a garden OR just outside the back door enjoying it with family and friends! Happy National Gardening Week!

Lee Connelly