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In 2017 I headed to RHS Chelsea Flower Show on Press day, and had pretty much a rubbish time.. the show didn’t excite me, no one wanted to be on my podcast and I ended up in Chelsea, pint in hand wondering where all the inspiration I was hoping to get was? Now this isn’t a knock on the designers or organisers, its just in 2017 nothing shouted out to ME, in my opinion I just didn’t get it.


So this year I headed there, expecting pretty much the same, but headed there anyway with the thought that sure it may be a bit rubbish but I could have a catch up with some people and do a bit of celeb spotting (some of which didn’t go to well, not sure what it is with me and meeting my heres but it never quite goes to plan does it?!, but thats another story for another day!), so yeh headed there on a bit of a social really with the hope that ill see something that catches my eye..


Well, ive never come away from a week so positive.. and its off a week at RHS Chelsea?!? Surely not! I feel slightly bad now for my negative comments last year now. 


So why has my mind changed so much about Chelsea, without giving away alot of content in this weeks podcast? Well something changed (for ME) this year, it felt like the gardens had more about them, not more effort as I know they are all hard work, but new ideas. Last year I felt that designers were just going through the motions, and maybe thats what changed it this year, maybe that wasn’t just my feelings. But when you come away from a show with ideas for you own garden and even just to come home inspired to do more, you know its been a good show. 


And so ive created a rather positive, infant entirely polite podcast about RHS Chelsea.. I know im as shocked as you are.. but to be able to give you abit more of a background to it all ive dragged in Peter Donegan into it! So I hope you enjoy it. To my knowledge its the ONLY podcast to be going around reviewing the whole show, and hoping to do more this year. 


Now, theres always a slight negative, and after I heard monty mention it last night, and spoke to a few people on the day about it all, and even though it was a great show, it was said that it needs a shake up. Its my third year at Chelsea and even though the content is great, the layout is boring so I can’t imagine what people that have been going for many years before feel like. You go to a festival, say a music festival every year, and each year theres something different, the festival grows, theres new areas, and I know that at Chelsea they are limited on space, but they could change the layout. 


So if the RHS are reading this (good joke), give me a shout, ive got some great ideas and ill hardly charge you anything for them :)


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Lee Connelly