[Welcome to the Skinny Jean Gardener Blog. I don’t usually blog and for very good reason. But if you would like a blogger that misspells, doesn’t use punuation and writes in quite a strong Essex accent then I am you man. That is a rather niche blogging style! And heres the only place you’ll find it! Enjoy!..]



Hey there! Blog time again, sorry ive not been about on the ol blog recently! Am getting back to it as madly I know some of you enjoy this rubbish! But thank you for reading, means alot!


So you may look at this title and think, ‘what on earth are you talking about???’, well let me explain. 


If you haven’t heard about it, I have no idea what you’ve been up to, maybe it because im involved but all I hear about on the social is BBC Gardeners World Live! Rightly so its a great event, and ive done a few bits including competitions and special podcasts featuring Carol Klein and the unplugged team, but ive not really spoke massively about it. So here I am chatting Gardeners World Live and what im doing there, and im very excited!


So a few years ago now I was on stage introduced by the nicest guy in the industry Matt Biggs, ive recently wrote a blog for STIIHL about him, I don’t think its out yet but I talk more about how much of a ledge he is. His hosting skills brings a warmth to the stage that invites the audience in and makes them feel part of a family. 


On the other hand we’ve got James Alexander- SINCLAIR, just wanted to highlight the Sinclair part as I think/ know I missed this out of a recent podcast and would like to take this point to apologise :) hehe! But James is another total ledge of hosting a stage, whipping the crowd into a frenzy, as much of a frenzy as you can with gardeners, with the odd sing along and friendly dig at Joe and his hats. 


Why am I talking about these two? Well apart from them being two of the most supportive gardening friends that ive had since Skinny Jean Gardener began, im also hoping that some of what I am lucky enough to see them do on stage has rubbed off on me as this year I host my very own stage!! For the first time at Gardners World Live I will be hosting the Gardeners Unplugged stage which is here to highlight the best online creators all in one place!


Without a doubt content online in the gardening world has grown massively in the past few years, and its about time we show this off on stage. The line up for the first year is incredible, not only because im hosting guys, but thanks for saying… I mean I did say I could just stand on stage for 7 hours.. but apparently no. Anyway we’ve got some great people including Life at No. 27 who from what I hear has some right treats for you during her show..genuinely not heard what she’s got going on but im excited to see. Me old chums (not old because there old.. they aint old… keep digging lee) Thirsty Gardeners are coming down.. love these lads, lots of laughs and they really know their beverages. Michael Perry joins us with his weird and wacky plants, im just hoping they’re not too rude and the lovely Lucy Chamberlain to answer your gardening questions! PLUS special guests for a couple of my shows Chris Collins and The Happy Pear join in the fun. 


So if youre coming to the NEC next week check out the Gardeners Unplugged stage timetable and be sure to come and get involved, and if you can’t, well panic not we’ve got a proper Gardeners World Live social takeover on the go so you won’t miss a thing!


Right till next time blog fans!!!

Lee Connelly