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So actually the title of this isn’t quite true. Organising a festival over the past year has been easy. Everything easier when you class your festival as the Smallest in The WORLD! It all becomes hard when something in all these moving cogs breaks and then you start to feel like its all falling to pieces. Let me explain. 


So for a few reasons, mainly because new management of the originally venue could no longer make it work (no I don’t no either.. not bitter lol) I was left with only 2 weeks to go to my gardening festival in Colchester with nowhere to hold it. Out of all the things that could go wrong this was no ideal. So the search was on.. I needed a new venue in Colchester town. I tried a few places, but sadly with such a short time till the event they couldn’t help and so I was left with two options. My back garden OR cancel it.

I wanted to do neither and then Katie from Replastic (who will be at the festival) mentioned a place called The Minories, just next door to the space ship that is Firstsite. I wasn’t sure, Ive lived in Colchester my entire life and had never been but she assured me it was beautiful, and so two days later I met the team at The Minories and Tiptree Tea Rooms to talk about the event. As I walked out back to the garden I was taking aback! How have I never known that this awesome place was right here! Somewhere I walk past weekly!


I sat down, explained my dilemma to the team and the welcomed me and my event with open arms! Id done it! Id fixed this festival problem without a hitch. But then as the diary come out to book it in there was a hitch.. someone was getting hitched on that Saturday at my new festival site. 

Now I really am excited about this festival, BUT as much as I want to do this I don’t think its a great thing to be intrupting someones wedding.. unless they are massive Matt Biggs fans, dam should have asked if they were Matt Biggs fans.. imagine having a wedding where you get to have your own Gardeners Question Time.. that would make a great podcast! 


Anyway I digress. 


So instead of ruining someones wedding we decided to change the date. Its been a tough decision, and ive been very lucky to the festival team (me) and everyone involved in the talks and workshops that they’ve been able to change the day. Actually let me just take a moment to say thanks to Dale, Brooke, Matt. Lucy, Charlie, The Perrywood team, Katie and Andre, BDV Steve, Tanjerin Manderin, the sponsors Vegtrug and STIHL AND The Minories for all you support. And also to you guys that are coming on the day!


I mean hey look.. has it been ideal that ive had to change the venue and DAY, two weeks before we go live..NO! But am I thankful for you support? HELL YES! 


So there we go! Hope that explains it all abit better and I cant wait to see you there! Theres a pic below of our beautiful new festival site. The Festival is on SUNDAY 19 AUGUST from 10am- 4pm at The Minories, Colchester, CO1 1UE, and entry is FREE!!! FREE gardening fun all day! 


Cant wait to see you there!

festival site.jpg
Lee Connelly