[Welcome to the Skinny Jean Gardener Blog. I don’t usually blog and for very good reason. But if you would like a blogger that misspells, doesn’t use punuation and writes in quite a strong Essex accent then I am you man. That is a rather niche blogging style! And heres the only place you’ll find it! Enjoy!..]


Wow! We’ve done it! We’ve had the first Skinny Jean Gardener Live at the weekend and it awesome!


Those of you that listen to the bonus podcast will know that I had a few issues venue and date wise that was successfully over come, and I have to say as I lay on Saturday night in bed think of the next day I did have that worry of will anyone turn up to the event and incredibly it was so well attended with the people of colchester, from afar and the lovely gardening community. 


There was such a lovely vibe about the day and the venue was Wow! I feel so lucky to have found The Minories and Tiptree Jam Factory right in my home town hidden away and am now so excited that now knowing of this space we can use that we can make it bigger and better than ever in 2019 (thats right after all that stress im really keen to do it all again!). 


The Line up this year I absolutely loved, with Charlie benton coming up and dicussing wildlife gardening, Matt Biggs going into a beautiful tangent (as he generally does with his vast knowledge of what seems everything, but I suppose thats what you do need to be on Gardeners Question Time) of Houseplants and Lucy Chamberlain teaching the audience and myself on what we can so right now! All these chats AND the chilli challenge (which may just be a bonus) will be coming out over the coming months as podcast!


Perrywood garden centres brought a fantastic workshop on airplants that went down with the crowd, Replastic was there informing their no plastic campaign, which I once again failed to keep to on stage with plastic spoons (doh!), Dutch quarter honey was being sold by the jar, with even a short chat about bees from Chris AND Bestdays Vintage brought the clothing that every gardener should be wearing!


I cant stress how thankful I am for everyone that go involved, and in the next few days they’ll be a video out too! But if you cant wait, somewhere on the facebook is the whole festival LIVE! Yes I believe (lets say we def are) the only garden festival to stream the whole day LIVE! So people that couldn’t make it could watch the action unfold!


If you’d like to find out more sign up to the Skinny Jean Gardener BONUS podcast to listen more to how it went! See you next year Colchester!


Lee Connelly