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Im a finalist in the 2018 Shed of the Year competition! Its like a dream come true! Over a year ago I got stuck in with my dad to create this! And heres a few bits from the blog I did back then! Oh and answer to the above question.. only if you've got 7 seconds to help me :D


The humble shed. Once an overflow of the loft. A place to store those 'I'll do that later' jobs. The place where tins upon tins of paint go to slowly dry up because you will use it at another job at some point. But all that is about to change, I wanted a new area in my garden, a space to hide, enjoy and was practical. 

I sat in the garden looking out at the areas of which I could build my creation. The potting shed was already full with plants that were happily growing away, but sat right next to it was the SJG taxi. Followers of SJG will know that the SJG taxi was a Mk 1 version of a project from a while back. It's along story, but it's now sitting in the back of my garden and has mainly been used for toy storage. 

It was then it clicked! We often have people over to stay, and I could turn this into a spare room! Genius!

The taxi had already been gutted, and with a budget of around £500 I was ready to go. Even though I had £500 I didn't want to spend it all if I didn't have too. Plus I was on a mission to prove that it wouldn't take a lot of money to do. plus I only had 3 days to do it, I'd need some help and luckily I had Dad on hand. 


To start I wanted to turn the taxi into a cosy area, so when your in there it didn't feel like you were sleeping in the back of a car. The first day, the heavens opened and cladding out the taxi was a struggle, luckily Dad helped deal with this with ease and by the end of it all I was £120 down but all the woodwork was done. The bedbase was ready and the cladding up and ready for decor. 

With the bold strong dark exterior of the taxi, I wanted the interior to be bright and airy (is airy a word?) and so a white beauty theme was what I was going for.

After 2 more days of painting and adding 'nic nacs' here and there the taxi was ready for its new life as a bedroom and with a little bit more spent on lighting I'd came under budget by £200 and my first night in the taxi, minus the very small leak, was an absolute success! 

Now it may seem I've missed a few bits out of this blog here.. maybe you feel you need more detail.. I get that and if you want more the podcast is the place to go. But there are two main point that id like you to take away from all this!

ONE. No matter what space you have, if you spend time thinking about it you can turn it into something incredible for very little money. 

And TWO if you don’t VOTE THE TAXI to Win this years Shed of the Year then we are no longer friends lol! Jokes, but I will ignore you for a bit! Its the last chance to Vote before 9AM on TUESDAY 28th AUGUST! And your vote can make the difference! God I sound like a politician! Lol!

Vote here!..

Thank you! 


Lee Connelly